Wayland Fire District

The Wayland Fire District provides fire protection and Rescue services with our fleet of 5 vehicles.

Fire Protection

81c40e1e760450c2fc41a4298de5891fWe provide quality volunteer fire protection using our 50 foot TeleSquirt, 2 Engines, Rescue, and Brush Truck. Our response area covers the Village and portions of the Town of Wayland. We also provide (and receive) mutual aid responses to the surrounding towns and villages.

Whenever there is a call for a structure fire, our department will respond with S-1 and an Engine immediately, followed by the Rescue Truck. An ambulance is also dispatched to standby at all working structure fires within our district for both firefighter rehab and in case of any firefighter or civilian injuries at the scene.

The Rescue is called to all structure fires for several reasons, not only does it transport necessary equipment and up to 6 firefighters to the scene, but it also has a Cascade system. This cascade system is used to refill firefighter’s air tanks at the scene of the fire.


We provide Rescue responses to our fire district as well as neighboring districts using both our rescue Truck and E-39.961c713b153740b2ddcb46e4c20cdcc1

Our Rescue Truck is equipped with a Hurst Tool (“Jaws of Life”) as well as Cutters, Ram, Air Bags, on-site generator, cascade system, rope rescue equipment, water rescue gear, and many other tools required for the various rescue operations. R-26 also has multiple high power scene lights and a directional scene light on a tower.

In addition, E-39, our front line engine, also is equipped with a Hurst Tool, which gives our department greater flexibility to handle extrications for multiple vehicle accidents and/or multiple concurrent accidents.


The Wayland Fire Department also responds as a FAST team for fires in neighboring districts. FAST stands for Firefighter Assist and Search Team. Several of our firefighters have completed FAST Team classes and respond to a fire scene to be a dedicated team of firefighters that will only be used in case a firefighter gets injured or is lost in a fire scene. Their only job is to enter a structure with rescue ropes and search for a fallen firefighter.

On major structure files, our department also has the capability of calling for a FAST team to standby from other departments in the region that have also completed FAST training and certifications.